Skin care treatments

Customized Gemstone Therapy   60min $65

The treatment starts with deep cleansing, steaming, extractions and a light gemstone peel. This is followed by the application of masks freshly prepared for the specific needs of your skin from organic plants and minerals. Finally,  Elina Organics Gemstones Elixirs are massaged  into your skin with polished gemstones, This skin rejuvenating treatment is based on ancient Ayurvedic traditions and is beneficial for all skin types.

Deep Pore Cleanse treatment    65min   $80

After a deep cleanse , an application of a light Glycolic serum helps  to unclog pores during steam,  followed by  thorough Extractions.  Salicylic Acid peel reduces inflammation and promotes  the healing  process.  Finally freshly prepared herbal detox mask with cool herbal compresses, and a  lymph drainage around the face and neck area top the treatment. A heavenly mini Acne or blackhead treatment for combination and oily skin types.

Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Therapy   75min  $90

Diamond tip Microdermabrasion is a Mechanical Exfoliation treatment which assists in correcting textural issues such as enlarged pores, rough skin, acne, acne scarring, as well sun spots and fine lines. This combined with oxygen infusion to brighten, detoxify, and deliver product deeper into the pores is an excellent full facial & relaxing treatment to rejuvenate and polish skin.

Mini Microdermabrasion session
   35min $50

Recommended in series of 3, one week apart.
includes cleansing,  microdermabrasion, oxygen infusion, warm towel compress and moisturizer application.
specifically targeting:
*Acne scarring
*Reduction of enlarged pores
*Lighten hyper-pigmentation

Mini facial Skin care Treatment  35min  $45

A quick maintenance facial targeting your specific needs.  Includes cleansing with steam and manual exfoliation followed by mask and scalp massage.

Back Facial treatment     65min  $75
Helps to clear breakouts on the hard to reach back area. Includes steam, scrub, detox mask and a relaxing massage.

*Advanced skin care machines used : Galvanic, ultrasound, high frequency, vacuum and Microdermabrasion

Body treatments

Body Scrub     60min   $80

Includes Dry Luffa followed by customized fresh scrub, warm towel compress and shower.

Body Scrub + Mask  85min $120

Body Scrub treatment followed by full body mask & 20 min light wrap w thermal blanket, and relaxing full face and scalp massage.

Body Scrub +Mask +Mini facial
   90min $145

Body Scrub treatment followed by full body mask application, 20 min light wrap with thermal blanket, a Mini customized facial and scalp massage. This is A full body Bliss we all deserve.

*Products used to prepare scrubs and masks my vary : fresh Coffee grounds, Coconut milk, Coconut oil, Papaya, Organic Clay, Mineral Mud ,  Seaweed & assorted essential oils 

*All waxing conditions will be evaluated before treatment.  Hair Must be  at least 1/4 inch in length ( at least 2wks growth after shaving).  If you are taking Retin-A, Accutane, or any similar products, have sunburned skin or have any  skin conditions that are not favorable for waxing; our therapists will not be able to wax you.  Please advise therapist of any skin allergies or conditions.

Save with Waxing Combos:

Lip +  Chin $15

Brow shape + tint $35

Brows + Brazilian  $65

Underarm + half legs + Brazilian $95

​Full legs + Brazilian $95

​*within 8weeks of last visit

Facial Waxing:
Eyebrow Shaping $20
 wax + tweeze
Eyebrow Shaping $25
 tweeze only
Eyebrow clean up $15
Lip $10
Chin $10
Full Face $45

Body Waxing:
Underarm $18
Half arm $30 Full arm $40
 *Includes hands/fingers
Stomach (happy trail) $15
Breasts $10
Half legs $30 Full legs $50
*Includes knees, feet/toes
Inner thigh $15
Upper Thigh $25

Waxing  just for Men:
Eyebrows $20
Ears $10
Nose $15
Sidebrurns $15
Neck $20
Beard $45  ( includes neck )
Shoulders $15

Half back $25 Full back $40
Half chest $20 Full Chest $30
Stomach $30

Under arm $20

Half arm $30 Full arms $40

*Includes hands/fingers 

Half legs $40 Full legs $60

*Includes feet/toes

Bikini Waxing just for Women:
Basic Bikini $30
*outside the bikini line
Deep Bikini $40
Brazilian wax $60
*everything front to back (may leave strip)
Brazilian maintenance $50
*within 8weeks of last visit

Eyebrows  $18

Eyelashes  $25

"feel your best "